Opening Doors To The World’s Markets

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Trading should be for everyone…

...and that’s why we founded FBS-Prime. Our goal is to give traders from all over the world the tools, expertise, and support they need to succeed on the world’s markets. Whatever your level of experience or background, FBS-Prime aims to take you on a journey to trading and financial success.

Our Mission

Trading shouldn’t just be for a small elite. Its rewards and benefits should be accessible to all. With our easy-to-use tool-sets and platforms, we’ve unlocked the door to the trading world. Step through it, and let us help you succeed.


FBS-Prime is a trading platform from 2013. Intuitive, simple to use, and highly customizable, it’s already taken the trading world by storm. FBS-Prime allows traders of all levels of experience to access more than 16,000 markets, from crypto to commodities. FBS-Prime already has more than 100,000 clients spread across 170 countries, and now the word is out, hundreds more are joining up every day. With an unparalleled quality of trading tools, support, and training, it’s no wonder that experts are calling FBS-Prime the trading platform of the future.

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